Jomtien Beach – 10 Minute Beach Getaway in Pattaya

Pattaya has a number of beaches, but one of the more delightful options is Jomtien Beach on the southern end of Pattaya. Royal Thai Residence is only 3.5 km from Jomtien Beach, making it an easy trip over by motorbike or bicycle.

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The beach front is long, offering lots of areas to stop and set up your spot for daydreaming or swimming. You can lay out a towel for yourself of pay a nominal “rental” fee to use the lounging chairs, tables and umbrellas set up by merchants on the beach. At Jomtien most of these are a 30-50 Baht fee, regardless of how long you stay. Some of the restaurants across the street will deliver to your chair a full meal or cool beverages (beer, a fruit shake, soda) and there are food vendors walking by regularly, allowing you to select fresh cut fruit, ice cream, cotton candy, fried seafood (shrimp and crab) or steamed jumbo prawns straight from the fishing boats you can see docking on the sand; there are folks selling beach toys (inflatables, balls, squirt guns and sandcastle buckets), sunglasses and hats; you can get a manicure/pedicure or massage while you relax, or even a temporary tattoo.


Jomtien Umbrellas 1

The umbrellas and chairs set up to offer shade.

For those more adventurous, there are thrilling rides offered by merchants ranging from a group of your friends riding on a long, inflatable tube as a Jet Ski jetties you back and forth along the coast, taking tight turns to capsize the tube every now and then; or you can rent a Jet Ski yourself and zip along the water. If you’re a bit more reserved you can always just rent an innertube and float around at your leisure.

Jomtien inflatable ride

The inflatable tube pulled by a Jet Ski.

If you come to Jomtien later in the day you might find all the umbrellas packed up and the chairs folded away, leaving the beach quite open and beautiful. You can walk for several kilometers along the strand as the lights around the crest of the water appear and the Night Market on the other side of the street from the beach comes to life.

Jomtien late

Jomtien in the evening.

There are many restaurants to choose from, Gelato bars, cafes and convenience stores and pharmacies. There is also an active Night Market with all kinds of food stalls for an inexpensive snack or meal, plus nearly anything you can think of in terms of shirts, shoes, souvineers and curiosities. At the northern end of the beach you’ll find pickup games of Volleyball starting as the sun goes down and music comes out of the bars and restaurants, or live stage shows. There’s always something going on.

At the end of the day when it’s time to come home it’s just a short trip back to Royal Thai Residence, where you can retire to your room or cap off the evening or day trip with a relaxing dip in the pool or a quiet drink at the Thaihiti Bar and Restaurant.

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