Buddhist Blessing Ceremony for Luck

It’s the end of the year and Royal Thai Residence has organized a tam boon, or blessing ceremony for merit, as a way to close out 2016 and ring in 2017. These ceremonies are very common in Thailand but are also very important. The offerings of food – from the staple of simple, steamed white rice to the more elaborate fruits and curried dishes – and flowers to the monks who chant is a main part of the event. The chanting of the monks and their blessings are for good luck, prosperity, and protection for both the business and our guests.

This is a picture post, so please take a look at some of the ceremony in the images below. Happy New Year from Royal Thai Residence in Pattaya. Hope to see you soon!

Flowers are one of the primary offerings to monks and statues at temples and ceremonies

Generations of the family sitting for the monk’s chanting

The owners of Royal Thai Residence placing offerings before the senior monk

Everyone takes part in scooping rice into the bowls for the monks.


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