Khao Cheejan Buddha Mountain – Running and Dining

About 20 minutes’ drive from Royal Thai Residence is the Khao Cheejan Buddha Mountain. The image is the largest carving of the Buddha in the world and can be seen from miles away, which makes it an attraction for the eye from the fields and vinyards all around the Silver Lake Area.

The carving was finished in 1996 on the 50th Anniversary of Rama IX taking the throne as King of Thailand.

Only a few kilometers from Khao Cheejan is the Ramayana Waterpark, which is a fun day trip if you are traveling with your family, children or just need to get out of the heat for a day. The fighters at Petchrungruang Muay Thai Gym like to take a long run on the rural roads around Khao Cheejan, watching the sun rise and illuminate the golden Buddha. If you are a cyclist or runner, this is a wonderful attraction for you.

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