Muay Thai Training Package in Pattaya

Royal Thai Residence is a proud sponsor of many of the young fighters at Petchrungraung Gym on Sukhumvit 50, just a short 5 minute drive or 15 minute walk from the residence. Petchrungruang is a family owned and run, traditional style Muay Thai gym. The foundation for the first ring was poured in 1986 when the current head trainer, Kru Nu, and his older brother Nok were young nakmuay (training in Muay Thai). Their father, Khun Bamrung, had himself grown up on a farm and always wanted to train in muay but his parents wouldn’t allow it. So he built a gym into the farm that his sons and daughter grew up in. The brothers developed into strong young fighters and built the gym’s reputation, and now Kru Nu’s 16-year-old son Thongchai is forging his own way in the National Stadia of Bangkok. Three generations… so far.


Khun Bamrung, the founder of Petchrungruang and father of Head Trainer Kru Nu

One of the unique things about Petchrungruang is that it has remained a traditional gym amidst an amazing number of commercial Muay Thai training centers opening around the quickly-developing scene in Pattaya. Kru Nu specializes in raising young boys into fighters in the Bangkok stadia at Lumpinee, Rajadamnern and Omnoi. The current star of the gym is PTT Petchrungruang, who began training about 10 years ago and at 18 years old was signed to the very high-profile promotion THAI FIGHT. (His younger brother has also just been signed, so we look forward to seeing the waves he makes when he debuts in December of 2016.) As a traditional gym, Petchrungruang stands out as a community for local kids and the long-standing method of immersion takes priority, rather than the more commercial gyms catering to tourism. Those who are looking to try Muay Thai for the first time, just for fitness, should not be intimidated. Petchrungruang has decades of experience with first-timers, beginners, intermediate and professional fighters. The gym welcomes children, women and men, as well as seniors (there is a 64 year old member from Sweden who comes every year to the gym – he calls training Muay Thai “my medicine”) Everyone trains together because regardless of your goals, “We are Muay Thai.”


Kru Nu correcting the form for a knee of a 10-year-old American fighter 

If you’re staying at Royal Thai Residence and want to try a session or two of training, please visit the front desk. If you are training at the gym regularly we are pleased to offer a Petchrungruang Muay Thai Package, including a studio room, training at Petchrungruang, and a motorbike all for one price at

22,000 Baht per person, per month

8,500 Baht per person, per week


Fighter YodPT training knees on the bag for his upcoming tournament at Lumpinee


15-year-old Italian fighter Alex after his victory at Lumpinee. (Left: Kru Den, Alex, Mirko (Alex’s father) and Kru Nu


If you’d like to book with us please visit our contact page.

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