Our Outdoor Thai Residence Hotel Bar – Island Style Refreshment

No matter how hot it gets in Thailand, you’re just a few short steps from quenching your thirst. For guests of the hotel and passersby, Royal Thai Residence is excited to introduce the new Thaihiti beverage bar and restaurant. The design is streamlined and clean, like a beach-style tikki bar with standing-height counters and high, wicker chairs. You can cool off with a cold drink, from sodas and energy drinks to hot, iced and blended coffee, tea and fruit drinks, as well as cold beer by the bottle (and frosted glass). In the future we’re looking to introduce a wider variety of mixed drinks, signature cocktails, and beer on tap.


Strawberry and Blue Curacao soda ~ 30 Baht
EST, Coke, Sprite, etc ~ 15 Baht
Hot Tea, Coffee or Cocoa ~ 25 Baht   Iced ~ 30  Blended ~ 40


thaihiti drink menu

thaihiti coffee



The next counter over is our short-order restaurant with a selection of typical, yet delicious, Thai stir-fries and noodles. A tasty one-dish meal for 40-50 Baht. Choices include fried rice, grapao basil dishes, curries, and noodles with a selection of chicken, pork (minced or deep fried), shrimp, sour sausage (this is sooo good); French Fries, ground pork hamburger, Club Sandwich and Tuna Sandwich, et al. So if you’re hanging out at the pool or find your stomach grumbling in your room, you can just walk on over to our shady, short-order Thaihiti restaurant and beverage bar.


thaihiti food menu


It’s a relaxed, island style set up, so sit down and enjoy at a slowed down, easy pace. You can meet up with friends or just take a break from the pool in the shade of the Thaihiti bar and restaurant.

We look forward to seeing you and let us know what is your favorite dish or drink. And remember: “We whale always love you.”

whale always

thaihiti restaurant counter

thaihiti sign 2



If you’d like to book a stay with Royal Thai Residence in Pattaya, please visit our booking page.


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