Studio Room – Mid-Range Air Conditioned Pattaya Hotel and Apartment

Our standard room at Royal Thai Residence is a 30 square meter Studio apartment, perfect for a single person or a couple. With a powerful air-con unit, comfortable King Size bed, a desk and chair, TV, large refridgerator, air-pot and coffee/tea cups, and a large closet with an electronic safe for your valuables, the room accommodates all the basic needs for both relaxing and in-room work.


The bathrooms all come equipped with a hot water box, so you can easily adjust the temperature for your preference. The far side of your room has a double-sliding glass door for maximum natural light (and curtains to block that out when desired) and a balcony with wooden furniture (table and chairs) and a sink and counter for outdoor cooking if you’re staying with us for a longer period of time. Many apartments don’t come equipped with an outdoor sink, but the Royal Thai Residence set up is perfect for those of you who are on a budget or prefer to cook your meals at home for greater control over your diet.



We are a fully serviced apartment building, which means you can arrange to have your room cleaned on your preferred schedule. Thailand experiences a “high season” and “low season”, which affects the costs of accommodation all over the country. At Royal Thai Residence we keep our prices as low as possible while still offering the best accommodation and services.

Daily Rates:

April – September: 800 Baht

October – March: 900 Baht

Monthly Rates:

1 – 5 Months: 11,000 Baht

6 Months up: 10,000 Baht

Deposit: 1 Month’s rent

Deluxe Rooms and Suites are also available for larger parties or just for your preference. You can book your room at our booking page.

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