Thepprasit Night Market – Pattaya Weekend Shopping

If you’re in the mood for an evening out within walking distance, check out the Thepprasit Night Market, just a 10 minute walk from your door at Royal Thai Residence.

The market begins when the sun starts setting for the night and is fully up and running by 6 PM – 10 PM. It’s a traditional Thai outdoor night market, away from the heat of the day, with rows and rows of stalls under white tents of inexpensive clothing, toys, cosmetics, perfumes and colognes, hardware, some car accessories, fashion accessories and a few odds and ends. While you’re out shopping and exploring the stalls there are plenty of food vendors as well, with grilled meats, fresh cut fruits, hand-rolled sushi, beverages (fresh fruit shakes) and sweets.


There’s plenty of exploring to do at night markets and Thepprasit is a favorite of Pattaya locals. If you end up buying more than you’d like to lug home, there are plenty of motorbike taxis and “song taew” share trucks headed back toward Royal Thai Residence when you’re ready to come home!

The Thepprasit Night Market is open from 6-10 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. (Although, many of the stalls are up and running by as early as 5 PM if you want an early start.)


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